Privacy Policy

Six6s believes that protecting the privacy of user information is one of the primary goals of a reputable and trustworthy casino. Six6s is such a company, as it makes every effort to ensure that users have no concerns regarding the data they provide and that they can conduct transactions on the website or in the Six6s mobile app in complete safety.

Six6s Bangladesh Privacy Policy

Main point

This policy is an official company document that outlines the rules by which Six6s utilizes participant information on the website. It outlines the rules that the gambling site will adhere to when handling your credentials. It also serves as the premise for resolving any disputes that may arise between the parties.

Six6s Main Concepts

Acceptance of company policy

When you register your account and become a user of the casino, it indicates that you have read the company’s official documentation and accepted all of the terms and conditions. Always thoroughly peruse all documents. If you disagree with any of the principles, you should not sign up for Six6s in Bangladesh.

Adoption of Six6s company policy

Collection Methods and Justifications

When registering for an account, you must provide some personal information by completing a registration form. Included are your name, email, and phone number. Additionally, you should be aware that when you contact the company directly via email or telephone, it may collect the following information:

  • User ID;
  • E-mail;
  • Telephone number;
  • The message and/or attachments that you may send via email;
  • Any additional details you may provide.

Data collection and storage by Six6s

Reasons for Using Player Private Data

The Six6s website and mobile app use your information for the following purposes:

  • Managing the website and keeping it operational;
  • Customizing and enhancing the site’s and app’s functionality for each user;
  • Monitoring and statistical examination of player site usage;
  • Providing promotional offers and targeted advertising;
  • Communicate with users directly or through company partners;
  • Website fraud detection and suppression promptly.

Six6s use of players' personal data

Six6s User Rights

Six6s values all Bengali players and protects their rights. They are listed below:

  • Access to all company-provided personal information. At any time, you may request a copy of your records;
  • Access and correction of one’s private data is guaranteed. At any time, you can make this request and get your old, defective credentials fixed;
  • The discretion to revoke access to a website. This privilege is subject to certain conditions. Every detail will be decided upon separately;
  • The option to limit or halt data storage and processing. You have the right to limit data processing, raise objections to it, or withdraw consent at any time if you find any changes to this policy to be unacceptable;
  • The right to send information from the Six6s website to another company or person if you ask or give permission;
  • Your request to exercise any of the aforementioned rights must be received by the support team through email or phone and will be processed within 30 days.

Six6s User Permissions


Six6s utilizes cookies to optimize the website’s performance and for user convenience. Cookies can be used to tailor the website to the player’s preferences, as well as to remember pages viewed, browser configuration, language settings, and more. This significantly simplifies the use of the website, as when you open the homepage, cookies are sent to your personal computer that track all the necessary information and personalize the website for you.

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