Six6s Lotteries in Bangladesh

Bangladeshi users can start playing lottery games for real money in Six6s. These are interesting games that require the gambler to make decisions about the numbers that will fall out after the special virtual lotto machine spins. Success depends entirely on luck.

Learn all about Six6s lotteries in Bangladesh, register, and start playing them for real money today.

Lotteries in Six6s Casino

What are Six6s Lotteries

Online casino lotteries are one of the types of gambling games offered in Six6s. In such games, users buy virtual lottery tickets and choose certain numbers. After a certain amount of time, the lottery numbers are drawn and the winners are determined. Users can bet on a group of numbers, a specific number, even or odd, and so on.

There is a separate category with lotteries in the main menu.

About Six6s Lotteries

How to play Six6s lotteries

Bengali players above 18 years of age can start playing Six6s lotteries for real money and here are the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Register. Open the Six6s BD website or mobile app and click on the sign-up button on the right side of the homepage. Fill out the form and create an account.
  2. Make a BDT deposit. Click on the deposit button and select a payment method. Specify the amount and confirm the transaction.
  3. Open a special tab. Go to the Lottery category through the main menu and select the game you would like to play.
  4. Start the game. You can now place bets and follow the progress of the round.

Instructions for playing Six6s Lotteries

Type of Six6s Lottery games

All lotteries available in Six6s are presented by the renowned casino games developer Saba. There are 7 different games that are similar to each other but have their own unique features. Below is information about the most popular Six6s lotteries online.

Variety of Lottery games at Six6s

Happy 5

This Six6s lottery lets users buy a ticket in which 5 numbers have to be marked. A virtual lotto machine is then run, selecting the numbers randomly. If the user guesses all 5 numbers, they will get the winnings.

It is also possible to bet on:

  • Big/Small;
  • 4 Seasons;
  • Odd/Even and others.

Happy 5 in Six6s

Number Games

Number games require users to collect certain combinations of numbers. Although such Six6s lotteries for real money have high volatility, if the gamer is lucky, they can get very large winnings. The numbers are RNG-dependent and the main success factor is luck.

Number Games in Six6s

RNG Keno

This is a certain kind of lottery online where the user also needs to guess the numbers that will be involved in the game. These numbers are determined by the Six6s lottery machine. The user can bet on:

  • A specific number;
  • Over/Under;
  • Odd/Even;
  • Next Combo;
  • Ball Color;
  • Number Wheel, and others.

RNG Keno in Six6s

Advantages of Six6s Lottery games

Six6s lotteries in Bangladesh have a number of advantages due to which many users prefer to spend their time playing these games for real money. Here are the main ones:

  • Variety. Six6s has a full range of available lotteries from Saba (7) and every user will be able to find an interesting one;
  • Accessibility. Rounds in lotteries are held around the clock, and users can play whenever they want;
  • Proven randomness. Saba is a well-known and licensed provider that guarantees complete randomness in games. All rounds are generated using RNG;
  • Multiple betting options. Each game has different variants to place bets. Gamblers can bet on Over/Under, Next Combo, Ball Color, etc.;
  • Speed. Unlike traditional lotteries, online versions offer faster draw times. The breaks between rounds last only a few seconds.

Benefits of lottery games at Six6s

Play via the app

Gamblers can play Six6s lotteries through the free mobile app for Android and iOS. It has low system requirements, runs without lags, and contains all the options for users to sign up and start gambling. To download the Six6s app, you need to:

  1. Open the Six6s mobile site from any smartphone browser.
  2. Navigate to the app page via the main menu or by asking for a link from customer support.
  3. Select a version for your OS and install the app on your mobile device.

Lotteries in the Six6s app


How do online casino lottery games in Six6s differ from traditional lottery games?

Online casino lottery games in Six6s allow you to get instant results. They also have more varieties: keno, number games, etc.

How are the rounds held in an online lottery game in Six6s?

Saba lotteries available in Six6s involve a virtual lottery machine that is controlled by artificial intelligence. A random number generator determines which number appears in the game.

Is it legal to play lotteries for Bangladeshi taka on Six6s?

Yes, it is a legal online casino that only allows adult users to play. Also, Six6s has an international gambling license from Curacao.