Responsible Gaming

Six6s takes the issue of players developing gambling addiction seriously and does not ignore the needs of those who may be adversely affected by their use of the service. Because of this, users’ experiences with the site and Six6s mobile app, as well as other facets of their daily lives, may be negatively impacted.

Responsible gambling in Six6s


The following designations are acceptable for this document:

  • Account – means a registered player’s profile;
  • Company (and all equal definitions) – refers to Aurora Holding N.V., the casino’s owner;
  • Service – definition and equal synonyms that refer to the Six6s website;
  • User – means a Bangladeshi player over 18 years of age.

Six6s Key Terms

Useful Six6s Self-Control Tips

The company recommends sticking to your individual gaming activity norms and controlling spending. Use these tips to control your addiction:

  • Set deposit limits and play with money that you can’t spare to spend;
  • Don’t try to win back your losses immediately;
  • Set yourself a limit of playing time and take breaks;
  • If the desire to play is irresistible, play demo versions without spending real money.

Six6s self-control advice

Company Advice

The company takes several steps and provides several forms of assistance in order to combat the issue of gambling addiction:

  • Educating users on the potential drawbacks of abusive or excessive site or mobile app use;
  • Keeping minors off the company’s website;
  • Offering a self-exclusion feature and the option to set time limits on one’s account;
  • Putting limits on the game.

Six6s assistance forms

The Importance of Dependence

To detect early signs of gambling addiction, players are periodically asked to complete the following questionnaire. Select yes or no to answer the following questions truthfully:

  • Do you engage in gambling frequently?
  • Do you frequently play for too long or spend too much?
  • Do you gamble so frequently that you neglect meetings or work from time to time?
  • Do members of your family disapprove of your gambling habits?
  • Do you experience considerable frustration when you cannot gamble?
  • Do you hold yourself responsible for your misfortunes?
  • Do you experience irritation after a poor gaming session?
  • Have you ever gambled with credit or borrowed money?
  • Have you ever contemplated violating the law to support your gaming habit?

If you answered yes to at least three of these queries, you should discuss additional diagnostic procedures with medical professionals.

Six6s Detect signs of gambling addiction


If a player wants to restrict their access to the casino permanently or is assigned a self-exclusion procedure by doctor’s prescription, it is necessary to send a request to the company via email. The agents will block or delete your profile.

Self-exclusion from Six6s