Terms and Conditions

The accompanying document contains instructions and information that will assist you in making the most of the Six6s website. The company’s code of conduct can be available on the website or Six6s mobile app, and players are expected to be familiar with the rules and consequences of breaking them.

Six6s Terms & Conditions

Principal terms and conditions of Six6s

By utilizing this BD website and the mobile application, players acknowledge that they are familiar with all the rules outlined in this document and agree to accept and adhere to those rules as well as any future modifications.

If the user does not accept these terms and conditions, he or she should not use the company’s website or any services.

Six6s main points

Brand owner Six6s

The company is owned by Aurora Holdings N.V., which is registered in Curaçao under the number 10692. This brand, Six6s, is the public face of the company with the international license #365/JAZ for the provision of online gambling.

Six6s Brand owner

Conditions and Guidelines General

The company has the discretionary right to make changes and additions to the current document. As soon as the modifications are implemented, all registered users will be able to become acquainted with them. Current players will be denied access to the site if they do not approve the changes upon their implementation.

Six6s Conditions

Restricted territories

By accepting these terms and conditions, the user confirms that he is not located in any of the following countries or territories: the United States of America and its territories, the French Republic and its territories, the Netherlands, Albania, Pakistan, Panama, South Sudan, Syria, Yemen, Zimbabwe and any other prohibited territories in which gambling is prohibited under the laws of Curaçao licenses.

Six6s Restricted territories

Rules of player behavior

Each user who registers on the website, creates an account, and starts playing must comply with the terms and conditions of the company. In particular, the player who uses the website and application of the company confirms that:

  • The player is at least 18 years of age and is capable of entering into legal agreements in Bangladesh;
  • The player is a resident of an area not prohibited for gambling and confirms that they do not use third-party applications or software to change IP address;
  • The gamer will make payments only in a trusted manner from bank cards issued to them and from all accounts and other payment methods belonging to the player;
  • The user does not act for the benefit of a third party and does not use their account to provide access to third parties;
  • The gamer does not use relatives/colleagues for attraction in the affiliate program;
  • The player is conscientious about the site and does not try to harm third-party software and applications;
  • The player is friendly and does not use abusive, offensive, or racist language when communicating with the company’s support team or other players.

Six6s Players Rules

The user’s obligations

When a user creates an account, the company thoroughly checks the data, so it has the right to refuse to register users without giving a reason. By registering an account on the Six6s website users are obliged to:

  • Familiarize themselves with the rules. Before using any of the company’s services and facilities, Bengali players need to read all terms and conditions in this document, as well as in additional company documents describing the policies or other features and regulations important to the player;
  • Provide valid information. When registering, users are required to provide accurate and truthful information in accordance with the registration form and additional requests from the company, if required;
  • Register only one account. The company thoroughly checks for duplicates and if irregularities in double registrations or duplicate transactions are detected, such accounts will be blocked;
  • Provide KYC documents. For all processes related to receiving winnings and bonus funds, players need to undergo a verification procedure, as well as provide documents at any additional request of the company;
  • Keep passwords confidential. Bangladeshi players are personally responsible for the information (login/password) to log in to the company’s website and are obliged to inform the company’s support team immediately if the account is hacked;
  • Do not share information. Players are forbidden to give access to their accounts to third parties, including friends/relatives, in addition, it is forbidden to make screenshots with personal information and screenshots during the game and share this data.

Six6s User Commitment

Account of the user

By using the services and mobile applications of the Six6s company the registered user hereby confirms that he/she is familiar with the terms and conditions, namely:

  • The user is authorized to own only one account;
  • The user agrees that the services of the company are provided for entertainment purposes only;
  • User agrees not to transfer or sell his or her account in any way;
  • The user has the right to close his or her account at any time upon request;
  • The company has the right to close the user’s account at its discretion and/or with suspicion of gross violations of the rules;
  • The company is able to withdraw any erroneous credits to the player’s account as well as any suspicious third-party credits.

Six6s user account

Inactive Accounts

Activity on an account including any bets and use of services must occur periodically, otherwise the account will be considered inactive for more than 12 months. Inactive accounts are subject to a tax of 580 BDT per month from the moment the account is listed as inactive. Users will be notified many times in advance of the account inactivity countdown day.

Gamers may terminate their inactivity at any time, but the charged fee will not be refunded. Charges will be deducted monthly until the amount on the player’s account is less than the tax amount of 580 Bangladeshi takas, then such account will be blocked and moved to the archive.

Six6s Inactive accounts

Deposits of assets

The company complies with all anti-money laundering regulations, so it thoroughly checks all user transactions and ensures compliance with rules and regulations when making payments. Users must comply with the following regulations when transferring real money:

  • All deposits must be made from only one source (payment system or bank card) belonging to the player;
  • Deposits are made in the player’s chosen currency at registration, all third-party currencies will be automatically converted to the player’s currency at the company’s exchange rate;
  • Third-party service fees including bank charges are paid by the player and are non-refundable;
  • The company is not responsible for the cancellation of deposits by third-party organizations and payment systems;
  • By accepting the terms and conditions of the bonus agreements upon deposit, the player fully agrees to all the restrictions and regulations included;
  • Users must not store criminal or third-party funds in their accounts or use them to pay for the company’s services;
  • Users must be aware of the laws of their jurisdiction and use the company’s services only legally and lawfully.

Six6s anti-money laundering program

Player withdrawal

The company will ask the player to provide personal information and undergo KYC identification, after which the withdrawal function will be available. By accepting the services and terms and conditions of the company the user also accepts the following rules for withdrawal:

  • Withdrawal is commission-free in case of proper wagering of the deposited funds. The withdrawal fee otherwise will be up to 8%;
  • During the withdrawal process, the company may require additional identification or a personal video call with the user;
  • If the player changes the withdrawal and deposit method, the company has the right to freeze such a transaction for additional verification;
  • Withdrawal limits of 580,000 BDT per month are set for accounts that have exceeded the game balance by 10 times the total amount of deposits.

If for any reason you are unable to log in to your account to withdraw funds, please contact the company’s support team.

Withdrawing money from Six6s